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So there is no reason for people to choose who Lauren should be with, if she wants to be with Camila then sure, if Lauren wants to be with Lucy then let it be, we are not her God and we have no rights to tell Lauren who to be with or who should she be with. Let her decide on her own. Well, there may be still a chance because as some people say, "Beautiful things are worth the wait.

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Continuous deployment of troops, absence of any reserves — including training companies — and a large intake of troops around to fill vacancies as well as to aid expansion has played havoc with training systems. But that is not all. When I served with the Border Security Force, I recall that the post of Inspector General Training — responsible for formulating training policies for troops — was used mainly as a parking slot for officers on the verge of retirement or wanting a posting to Delhi for personal reasons. Merit was rarely a consideration for filling up this important post. It is possible that the same attitude plagues the training position in the Central Reserve Police Force.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that security forces had been given a free hand to punish those responsible for the attack.

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The question is: It is well known that South Kashmir is the hotbed of militancy. Then, what prevented security forces from operating proactively there? Even if one might concede that the previous government in Jammu and Kashmir was somewhat sympathetic to militants, the state has been governed by the Centre since the government collapsed in June. What has then prevented the government from operating proactively? In the aftermath of the Pulwama attack, several voices — official and unofficial — blamed Pakistan for the tragedy. This is an immature understanding of the situation.

While the role of Pakistan in fomenting trouble in Kashmir is beyond a doubt, it cannot be said that it is the only reason. This is why New Delhi needs to urgently address its policies on Kashmir. Additionally, militants do not operate out of despair. They operate whenever they find that security forces have let down their guard. They attack security forces at their weakest point after meticulous planning and preparation. This is why security forces in Kashmir cannot afford to let their guard down even for a moment.

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It is for their commanders to ensure this through adequate training and continuous supervision. Finally, the fifth failure is the attitude of India towards its paramilitary soldiers. They are treated as second-class soldiers and are poorly paid and under equipped as compared to their counterparts in the Army. They are even deprived of pension of the kind Army personnel are entitled to. The lack of proper equipment such as bulletproof vehicles and jackets also seriously compromises their efficiency and morale. All this must change. The Kashmir Monitor is the fastest growing newspaper as well as digitial platform covering news from all angles.

Custodial torture is global, old and stubborn.

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Dismemberment was a method of torture practised with vigour in ancient India, crushing-by-elephant-foot another. The Arthashastra prescribes mental torture through swear-words with or without physical assaults. The Tang Code CE describes judicial torture in detail.

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Ancient Japanese methods of torture numb the human imagination. So, does that mean sadism is an inherent part of human nature? It certainly shows that the inflicting of pain is an inseparable part of human history. More specifically, the history of power, of authority and control. The practice of custodial power is about men — and sometimes, women — who are in positions of power, even if for a brief while and over a limited terrain, having custody over a powerless person.

In Greece, the pinnacle of culture, Socrates was in BCE sentenced to death by hemlock, which was known to act slowly, incapacitating the person in stages, climbing from the lower extremities limb by limb to the heart. A little further to the east, around 30 CE took place what is ironically the only hallowed case of plain torture.

Torturers are invariably sadists. Mary Surratt is not a well-known name.

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She was the first woman to be hanged in the U. Her crime: Minutes before her end, she complained to the hangman that her handcuffs hurt. Sure thing, they said. Sure enough they botched it. Her frame doubled up. Lincoln must have screamed in his grave. He was as real as his poison gases, tooth-extractors.

The power-centres of these tyrants were hellishly real. Apartheid South Africa had its torturers trained in Algeria to inflict pain without leaving any signs on the body. Imam Haron, Steve Biko and the Naidoo family are among the better known of the many less known and unknown brutalised by the apartheid regime.

Nor that of any clime-time. Torture seems to be, like the roach, co-terminus with Time. And co-extensive with homo sapiens. Custodial torture is about the here and now. As I write and the reader reads this, we can be sure that not far from wherever we are, someone is being tortured by somebody. Let only him deny it who has cause to hide it.

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  6. But if torture is real, human revulsion with torture is also real. And it has shape, definition.

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    It has scope. Better known as the UN Convention against Torture, it sought to prevent torture around the world. India took 13 years to sign the Convention, but sign it did, on October 14, , during the month-old Prime Ministership of I. He did what Rajiv Gandhi, V. Singh, Chandra Shekhar, P. Narasimha Rao, H. Deve Gowda could not, did not, do. But signing is only the first step.

    Unless a convention is ratified and followed or preceded by domestic legislation that commits the ratifying party to compliance, the original signing carries no meaning. India has not ratified. Remainer luvvie Gary Lineker leads celebrity gushing over Astonishing claim by rebel MP Heidi Allen as trio face a backlash for Anna Soubry hails Independent Group as the modern face of Cameron warns the Tories his brand of 'modern compassionate conservatism' must not be driven out as BRITs Viewers cringe after Bros ask the crowd to cheer but are met with a lacklustre response Red carpet catastrophes!

    Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt told to use all 'diplomatic measures' to help find missing British girl, 12, Amir Khan warns 'arrogant' jihadi bride Shamima Begum shouldn't Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd says he's living in 'very great fear' after receiving threatening calls and Samsung's folding phone is HERE: Eighteen people are hurt and six hospitalized at Pontins holiday park in Fury as schoolboy, 15, convicted of sex assault on girl in classroom is allowed to stay at SAME school as The emperor with no original clothes - Karl Lagerfeld was a misogynist vulgarian who PETA under fire for appearing to celebrate their 'nemesis' Karl Lagerfeld's death by saying it marks the Woman shares touching anecdote about how the late Karl Lagerfeld helped Passenger finds camera embedded in his in-flight TV screen That's a wrap!

    Amal Clooney ends her co-hosting duties with a big smile as she and fellow guests like Gayle Tax dollars at work! A royally expensive party! The sky-high cost of Meghan Markle's baby shower revealed, from the ITV's Lorraine is accused of racism by viewers after show used 'glamorous' photos for line-up of all of Body language expert reveals how defiant Meghan did not avoid the cameras in New York so she could put on a My madcap Mountbatten jewel hunt: Hundreds of civilians are evacuated before the final assault on ISIS where jihadis are holed up and Girlfriend of Alesha MacPhail's father 'was jealous and threatened by the six-year-old as neighbour claims Tristan Thompson is seen grinding, grabbing butts and sneaking two curvy women into bedroom at British schoolgirl, nine, dies after suffering severe allergic reaction to eating ice cream while on holiday Giant tortoise species thought to have been hunted to extinction by humans more than years ago found The scientist who says we CAN see the future in our dreams: Think premonitions are just hokum?

    A tantalizing EU backs copyright law that could force Google and Facebook to block huge amounts of posts - sparking Top woman Scotland Yard officer is charged over a child abuse image: Widely respected trailblazer, 54, Emotional moment UK boy with autism bursts into tears of joy after being given a surprise puppy by his mother to help him socially Girlfriend of Alesha MacPhail's father 'was jealous and threatened by the six-year-old as neighbour claims she heard couple fighting but was told not say anything because of custody battle' Beaten with cudgels, shot in cold blood, executed for not revealing intelligence and left to rot in the snow: