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Yes, BlackBerry made a phone again. But is there a market for it in ? In an enterprise landscape where corporations and institutions have long since migrated to Android devices and iPhones, the KeyOne needs to give businesses a compelling reason to switch. That's why we hit the BlackBerry booth at MWC to dive deeper into what made BlackBerry devices the go-to smartphone for businesses and governments: As we noted in our consumer hands-on of the device, the KeyOne has plenty of business flourishes including integrated Slack messaging, and of course its capacitive physical keyboard with customizable shortcuts and a fingerprint sensor under the space bar.

At the launch event, BlackBerry said it built security "into every layer of the KeyOne. To test that claim, we dug into the device settings, app-level permissions, encryption capabilities, and DTEK visibility dashboard app, and any other security setting or permission we could find. The KeyOne runs Android 7. The phone also gets monthly Android security updates, downloaded automatically. DTEK, an earlier version of which came with the BlackBerry Priv , is a visibility dashboard into the security status of your phone, allowing you to adjust settings and fine-time security parameters.

The first thing I saw when I opened the DTEK app is a big device security status meter with red, yellow, and green gauge colors above.

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I was testing an unlocked demo phone, so a POOR status wasn't a surprise. Below that, you can start scrolling through the settings list, which includes a blue check mark or an "X" on a red shield icon that signals whether that parameter is secure. In the Apps and Permissions section which had a check , I scrolled through to see all the available apps calendar, camera, contacts, Google Play, messages, etc. DTEK also tracks overall operating system integrity, and gives you the option to turn remote management on and off through Android Device Manager.

The device manager gives you some more device-level management features such as geolocating the phone, making the device ring, remotely locking the device, and wiping the data. Scrolling further down into the DTEK checklist, I also found security options including the ability to set up a custom unlock combination of password, PIN, and fingerprint biometrics. Multiple two-factor authentication options is a strong feature.

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I also found a "Trusted app sites" setting, which adds an additional layer of security atop Google Play vetting to scan for malicious apps before download. According to BlackBerry, the KeyOne is also set to go through full US government certification processes in order to be usable by the Department of Defense. This is where you can swipe to enable event logging, which tracks device activity, and encrypts and stores it locally.

There, you can also edit your screensaver, set how much screen on time it takes before your display turns off, and so on.

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You can then either replace your current shortcut, or set up new ones. BlackBerry phones are known for their privacy features, and the Motion is no different. To take a picture using Locker Mode, open the Camera app, then instead of hitting the shutter button to take the photo, tap the fingerprint sensor. Taking a screenshot on the BlackBerry Motion is just as easy as on other Android phones. The app itself is pretty easy to use.

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  • The first button at the top changes between a circular shade and a rectangular one, the second option opens and closes the shade, the third changes the size of the shade, and the fourth allows you to control how light or dark the area around the shade is. Like other Android phones, you can control how your phone uses battery. You can also toggle on or off Battery saver mode, which restricts background activities, animations, and so on.

    To use it, simply slide it out from the right of the screen, then tap the option you want along the edge of the display. On the BlackBerry Motion, you can tap the fingerprint sensor to go back — but you have to enable the feature first. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

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