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It's restricted to a few approved apps, though, and that is a big limiter compared to Windows 8. It's only on a few Galaxy devices and not part of Android proper. Samsung's multi-view is better than Microsoft's snap view in one area, and that's the ability to rotate the screen to portrait and still use it. The Windows 8. That smacks of laziness of the developers of Windows and needs to be fixed.

The one restriction aside, snap view in Windows 8. Have a lengthy discussion about Android and it will eventually turn to the thorny subject of updates. Perhaps the lack of updates is a more accurate way to put it. Updates to Android devices are at the whim of the device makers and carriers and there's no guarantee that a given device will ever get that shiny new version of Android. If they do, it will likely be long after it's available from Google. Windows device owners aren't saddled with this update envy, as all updates are pushed to devices.

A very few may not have the smoothest update experience , but at least they get the chance to grab new updates. While it's true that Android devices continue working just fine without each new OS update, they do miss getting some security updates that are part of these OS renewals. Android has been out longer than Windows 8, and it seems that the user experience UX is roughly the same as it's been for a long time. Sure there are minor improvements with each new version, but that's about it.

The story is different when it comes to Windows 8. While there were some serious shortcomings in the original version of Windows 8, Microsoft stepped up to the plate and ironed them out with Windows 8. That Windows 8. The improvements that are ingrained in Windows 8. The advantage of snap view is due in large part to the 8.

Rumors are already appearing about the upcoming Windows 9 , which will no doubt be another major step forward as far as the UX is concerned. We've been taught since an early age that sharing is a good thing, and that certainly applies to information. The ability to send information from one app to another is very powerful on mobile devices. Both Windows 8. The Share feature is always available right there in the Charms menu, and many apps have it implemented well. There are a few apps that don't have the ability to share, Google's Chrome comes to mind, but for the most part apps make it simple to do so.

A great example of sharing in Windows 8. He's able to take ink notes in Windows Journal on his tablet and share them to his Evernote cloud where all his other notes live. Another good example is the ability to share web pages to the Windows 8. Demographics are related to market share. The more people you can reach, the bigger the possibility to reach specific demographics and niches. And the truth is that Android users have broader content category reach.

Whether you are going to create a mobile game for kids, business tool for B2B industry or health monitoring app for seniors, with Android you are able to find more highly specific niches with potential users. Android devices come with the wide range of screen sizes and prices, therefore, much more people are able to install your mobile app. And since some of them can not have money to spend it on your app, you can still cash on them by displaying ads. In the Q1 , Android has overtaken the iOS in revenue generation on all types of devices, according to Opera Mediawork.

Although iOS is still on top while it comes to monetization, this is a serious step forward for Android and everybody willing to make money with ads. As I mentioned before, Android users may not be willing to spend money on apps, but there are other ways to monetize your application and displaying ads is one of them. Compared to iOS app development, Android has fewer requirements for development.

The only thing you or your team has to have is a computer and knowledge of Java programming language. Since Google Play has much more simple guidelines and review systems, it takes less time to feature app to the app store. And it is not only faster to publish your first mobile app on the Google Play store — it is also much cheaper.

Big difference, especially for independent app developers on a short budget. Assuming you will use Android Studio to develop your first Android app, its publication process will be as simple as possible. All you need to do after the work is done is to hit publish button and you are all set!

Now you can send it to beta testers or — if it is already bug-fixed — share it with the world. Speaking of beta testers, it is also a lot easier to find them on Android platform than for iOS apps. Actually, Google Play launched a service for beta testers , which allows every technology geek to try out the newest apps as the come out. As Android apps are more exposed to bugs than the iOS ones, early bug-fixes can make or break you new applications success in the app store. Android fragmentation , image source. With this one, we come to discussing the cons of Android development.

I told you before that variety of devices Android is present on is actually a double edged sword for this platform. And it is truth. The same thing that allows Android reach more users makes it more difficult to develop a good app. The fragmentation means that not only Android users own different devices, but they run also different, very often old version of the OS.

Developers have to face developing for different screen sizes, but also OS version and devices technical capabilities. This leads to more potential bugs in Android apps than on iOS. Easier publication process and a lot of devices and OS versions to fail on, make developing on Android more tricky, especially when you want to publish your app as soon as possible.

The truth is that you will not avoid bugs on Android, but you can take some time to beta test it and double-check the code before publishing, to make sure it is firm enough to introduce it to the users. During developing apps for both Android and iOS , Infinum took some time to collect and compare the data that show which platform is faster and because of that cheaper to develop for. And since most of the software companies will charge you based on hourly rates, this means more money to pay for you.

Global iOS and Android app revenue , image source. This is one of the most common argument in the iOS vs Android discussions. Apple devices are in most cases more expensive, which makes their users willing to spend more money for tools and services related to them — because they simply have more money.

If your target audience is based on developed countries with higher income per capita or urban areas, targeting iOS users is a good idea. You can expect them to be willing to pay for your app since they are spending more on apps than Android users. Although Android developers make more money on ads, selling apps is still more profitable on iOS. It is not a secret that iOS users are often very dedicated ones. If you provide the app that will answer their needs, offer unique user experience and on top of that has a great design — they will stay with you. The iOS users are also more engaged ones, which means that they not only install a couple of apps just to test them and switch to another but instead they pick their favorite apps more carefully and stay with them as long as they find them valuable.

If you plan your app to be your mobile commerce tool, then iOS is definitely the best option. Making an app for mobile commerce follow the money — and they are in hands of iOS users. Remember what I told you about Infinum comparison? If you are hesitating between iOS and Android app development, it clearly shows that it takes less code to develop one for Apple devices. With Objective-C or Swift, you can develop your first mobile application writing fewer lines of code. Or if you want to hire developers to do it for you, it means that you will pay less — because it will take less time to make it.

This is also a huge advantage of iOS apps. However, we can change it, and change it for the better.

Android vs iOS vs Windows 10 Mobile: Which mobile operating system is best?

In terms of mobile operating systems, that means giving the little guy a chance. Which, in this scenario, just happens to be Windows Phone. We need Windows Phone to succeed to keep Google and Apple on their toes. If we lose a viable third option, then Apple will control the high-end of the market, while Google will dominate the low-end. And a lack of competition means a lessening of innovation, and a rising tide of consumer-unfriendly practices.

MakeUseOf will soon be parting ways with Windows Phone. This is just my opinion, after all; it even says so in the headline. You may try it, and fall in love with it.

And wonder why you wasted so much time on the competition. Read More , which will work across all devices, including smartphones. This essentially means Windows Phone will be disappearing in its current form, but Windows will still be an option as a mobile operating system. Therefore, these points remain valid, and iOS and Android users should still give Microsoft a chance to succeed.

Image Credits: All via Flickr. Explore more about: Windows Phone. Your email address will not be published. So full of Like you say after years of investing why should I gave up and start spending more money again on things I already have? I'd been using my Lumia for 3 years along with other Android devices but nothing beats my Lumia in terms of speed in internet connections using mobile data, not even Android 6. I started with Lumia and now I have 64XL with windows phone 10 on it.

These phones are amazing and beautifully built. Everyone should try them thoroughly first. Most people don't give them a proper spin or are too stupid to discover innovation. On my second Windows phone, looking around at my third. Solid and stable. My is going well after 2 and a half years, even after a damaged pin, I am still able to charge it via a wireless charging. Something many other premium phone still don't have. I love the live tiles and how they be easily resized, made transparent and you can have as many or as few on your start screen as you like. I'm about to buy a Microsoft Lumia It would be my first smartphone.

I am a huge fanboy of windows. I really love the interface and how things are pretty much easy on it I am still gonna go with a WP every day of my life Need your honest comments peeps I love my Windows Phone. It is the best phone I have owned. Beats the Iphone and Android, I owned. Get it you'll be happy. I love my Nokia Lumia , easy to use, dedicated camera button, brilliant sat nav Here maps and the Windows store ain't rife with malware.

This is my personal opinion and I've owned an IPhone and Android devices. Windows phone fan here. I actually have a Windows phone and an Android phone. Unfortuately the one think that Windows lacks is the variety of apps Android phones have. I'd get rid of my Android if Windows could step up their game in the app department. I've been an Android user since day one, mainly using HTC.

4 advantages Windows has over Android in mobile | ZDNet

Can't wait for Win10 either,. Amongst this time I have had the following handsets: Out of all of these Android handsets the smoothest operating Android was my rooted Atrix. Before I rooted that phone as it is with a factory image all of the Androids show lag more often than not. This is quite unacceptable. I have had the iPhone based devices for work as working in IT as a Systems Administrator I need to support what half of our user base has. As a result I've had a 3GS, 4 and have had a 5 for the last couple of years.

I then used a Lumia for a couple of days and have fallen in love with how polished the OS is, how consistent the UI is across all apps used and just how great it works in general. I then purchased now a Lumia and quite frankly don't intend on going back to Android or iOS as my main device. The Lumia 's 6. All in all I have swayed that much to the Windows phone that if you said to me you can take 1 but can't resell it and had to stick with that handset, between a Galaxy S6, iPhone 6 or Lumia , I'd without a doubt take the I had a Z3 Compact before it died on me - that camera was abysmal in low light and while OK in better lighting, the interface was not fun to deal with.

The dedicated camera button was excellent though. I wish more phones had it. Mind you, this was just meant to be temporary until I could maybe get the iPhone repaired or replaced. Well, after one day of playing with the Windows phone, I went ahead and just ordered it's bigger brother to be my permanent phone. I'll keep the around just in case of any accidents with one of our other phones at the house, but IMHO, the Windows phone beats the iPhones hands down, and that isn't even counting the camera which is superb.

I agree with you rdrast. I have been a hardcore Android fan but always hated with a passion the lag even in Kit Kat and even in Jelly Bean Windows Phone 8. I have all three. Yes, I know I look like Ari Gold from "Entourage" with two or three phone at my disposal, but each is on a different carrier, and one is unlocked to use worldwide. I love WindowsPhone. I truly do. I liked the interface the moment I saw it. I could not wait to get my hands on it.

It has been a love affair ever since. The 8. I have iOS 8. Better in many ways. She does have a personality. Her singing is beautiful. Her jokes are funny. But that's not the big deal. She is very smart. She can tell you when you get home or to your office or when you are passing a Florist to by flowers and call your wife. She seems to understand more and gets less confused than Siri. For me, it's the best. I love live tiles. There is a new HUB for notifications, and you can arrange the Tiles any way you want. Or have none and just do icons on the app page if that's what you want.

There are damn few. I'm sure these will get better as time goes on, but it's sometimes a disappointment. Some we waited for a long time, like Flipboard, and when it finally came a year or more later, it was lackluster. It does not even FLIP. That would not be that big of a deal if WindowsPhone users did not have to wait over 12 months for the app, only to be disappointed.

Now, I am also a fan of Apple. Yes, I like my iPhone. But there are things I do NOT like. Yes, you can do sub-folders, but you can't hide anything like you can on Android or WindowsPhone. But overall, iPhone is a great platform. Supremely well built and gorgeous. Wanna pull the battery in an emergency? Good luck! No dice on that! Too much optimization available for me. You can take two Androids and the two can be totally different.

The Hardware

Some say this is a good thing, but to me, it's too much. I don't like the fact that except for Widgets, Android is icon based rather than Live Tile. That puts Android and iOS in the same bracket for me. But I like the way Android does some things. You can mix Widgets and icons on the same page. You can hide things, or you can even download an app to make your Droid look and feel like a WindowsPhone.

No matter which phone you choose, there will be pros and cons. That's life. That's why I carry 3, and even have my old BlackBerry sitting in a drawer for nostalgia! You nail it, if windows is to survive the need to listen to ppl like you, my note 7 is better than any Windows phone, and running on android have the best UI, why do I change to windows if they don't credit my apps and games? I am Windows Phone user and find its gui fab Windows phone is the Donkey Mobile, Operamini - no download option, Navigation bar it is always use some portion of screen even while playing videos on many lumias.

Vpn not support popular protocols. Upload not work always.

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Many app present on windows store but not as useful as Android or Ios. Lumia , etc. No manual 3g only connection it always pick 2g network if 3g signal is weaker than 2g. After using some day sold it almost my new widows phone. However, to appreciate the screen you need to take it off of the extremely dull auto brightness setting.

Even without that adjustment the phone soon runs out of battery. Really frustrating as any real use of the phone is severely limited. The screen takes too much power as well as the android operating system. After being on android for the last five years I am fed up with battery life, lag and force closures so I am taking a deep breath and going for a Windows phone, Lumia Windows phone is all about tiles - boring.

I dont like the idea of my screen all covered with tiles and not being able to see the wallpaper. I think also windows phone is for people who are less tech savy because its simple and easy to use - just touch on tiles for whatever you want. Also the tiles all preset for you.

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You cant also install other browsers like opera and firefox. The best thing about a Windows for me is having complete compatibility across all my platforms; the worst thing is Nokia. First, there's the blatant privacy issues by MS.

The Camera

Need I say more? Well, yes, actually, which brings us to the nxt point Then there's the fact that you absolutely can NOT download any apps whatsoever not even the free ones unless you create a Microcrap account, further entitling them to steal ALL of your personal information - they also seem to enjoy helping hackers access your info including credit card details , too. Added to that, you can NOT remove ANY of the dozens of apps that you absolutely don't want from the damn thing, so you'll be stuck spending hours scrolling through useless items just to get to what you want. But by all means - encourage MS to keep believing it's ok to steal your privacy and personal information by continuing to purchase their products.

Nokia used to be a beautiful company that produced smooth, easy to use and beautiful mobile phones. That all turned to sewerage when Microcrap took over.

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  • I bought a windows phone today because this non techie is done with not having all my contacts and calendar items on my phone. It must have been 20 years ago that I had an HP 99 that I had to sync with some kind of cord but got everything. That black and white Palm something or other worked good too. I dreamed of the day the PDA and cell phone would be one device.

    But, now I am going to have to carry two phones because there are two apps that I use in the real estate business that are only available on the android and I phone. Maybe when this Windows 10 comes out I will be able to go back to 1 phone. I will sleep easy tonight in the knowledge that just as mobile phone users have ignored Windows Phone they will also ignore the advice of Windows fanboys like you. I had a Nokia touch screen phone that came with a 3 connection, a Web browser and some basic, single touch "smart phone" capabilities.

    It ran Simbian according to PC World, dead as of July and although it was rough by today's standards, it got dunked twice in a pool and is still running. When I got my Galaxy Note 3, I got a data deal from my provider and had it reactivated for my kid, which is even better because it does what I need it to, but no app store. I can't remember the date ?

    Now it's lack of coolness works for me and my son has a functional device for free. Also, it still has a couple of nerds games on it from when there was a Simbian app store. Personally, I hate my Nokia 'smart phone' - it is very difficult to find out how to do even the simplest things - eg turn up the volume or put it on mute - the instructions simply don't tell you - or are hidden so deep it takes ages to find them. And no 'hard copy' manual to read. I could go on I had to come back to make more comments since I feel makeuseof may be a platform to reach my voice to corporations. I travel quite a lot, and with the kind of hassle I go through, I can't open my laptop all the time, and for the same reason, I can't afford to keep a tablet either.

    So my only solution is to get a phone that should be able to some jobs while traveling. I am not asking for everything a laptop may do, but asking for something a mobile device can. Read what? And, most importantly, I want to see them the way I see them in my laptop! In my experience even in Android apps , many documents look terrible in mobile apps. Well, that's not what we want, right? Thankfully, all smartphones now play common audio files.