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Like many of the others in this list, it's free but funded by ads. You do still get wind speed and pressure measurements though. Which app would you say is the best weather app for Android? Let us know in the comments below. When I'm in a hurry for a "quick" look at precipitation, I use Raindar. If I want a detailed look at precipitation, along with tracking storms, velocities etc, I use Radarscope a paid app. For weather forecast, I use the "Sense 2. Here mentioned all apps are good. But if you are looking for the best weather app for India then I want to suggest you Prkruti app.

Prkruti can be used for agriculture, air quality monitoring, data science and smart city solutions. I use Weather Wiz. All the essential info related to the weather is available within this weather app, such as: Current temperature, maximum and minimum temp, current weather condition, wind speed and direction, precipitation, sun status and more. I'm unsure how accuweather gets anywhere near the top It's a waste of memory space. That's the same as what is shown in the Meteogram app mentioned below Meteogram Weather Charts by cloud3squared when you choose accuweather as the weather data provider After investigation, if I allow it to tell me my weather via Current Location, it is always wrong even though it locates me accurately as a specific neighbourhood within London.

However if I select London by 'add city' it is accurate. So I can get an accurate weather for it, however it means I won't trust the app when I travel elsewhere in Europe. I'd rather one that was accurate using my current location, rather than having to manually add specific places I arrive in. Meteogram Weather Forecast the one by cloud3squared My personal favourite is Forecast. It has lots of features like alerts, time travel, a dark theme, a tablet specific design, a quick settings tile, a dashclock widget, and a lot more.

Search 'com. I came to this article to find a replacement for AccuWeather which came with my Samsung phone.

The problem with it is that it is not consistent within itself, so I never know what number to use. Right now it says the temperature is 44 F 1: The hourly forecast says 50 deg at 1 pm. And if you click to go to the website it says 43 with a "real feel" of And that is closer than it usually is. It might be accurate for the current temp, but it's pretty useless for predicting what it will be like in a few hours.

I switch to WeatherBug 4 years ago when I had problems with AccuWeather thank goodness I don't have bloatware involving a weather app on my smartphone. Of Interest, my Google Now launcher offers an accurate display of weather daily do you use a launcher with built-in weather?

After trying many Weather Timeline is perfect. I had previously been using Weather Bug which was good also.. Forecast has alerts very similar to what you're describing. I use Weatherbug the most out of these and have found it to be somewhat unreliable in the radar and forecast, unless that's just Florida weather for you. However, I am curious and this is why I made an account here - Will Weather Timeline give you alerts for weather you're looking for? Like if you are wanting to get an alert when it's 90F outside, will it let you do this?

I'm trying to find an app that will give me something like that and Google's let me down. I don't want something for severe weather, my service provider and Weatherbug both will give me that. I cannot find the paid version in Google Play Store. Phones with a raster width of 5 have been available since 5 years.

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I always want a weather widget on my home page, and if you've ever tried widgets with the wrong raster width - they look ugly on a modern smartphone. Do I need to wait another 5 years before I might see a 5x2 or 5x3 widget? Not all of these apps work properly. The best one, to my mind, is Morecast now I use it. It has a great-looking and intuitive interface.

Morecast is full of other, kind of, special things, such as webcams that show the weather across the globe, and a weather navigation feature to help you to lay out routes around the bad conditions. Another good one is The Weather Channel I tried it. All the information provided is accurate but the widget is bad, settings sometimes cannot be saved. Other apps also have its own pluses and minuses.

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Samsung Unpacked. Reviews All. Create account Be part of the largest Android community. Login Cancel. Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. The best Android apps of The best radio apps for Android See our top 3 weather apps in this video! Google Assistant One of the best weather apps is not really an app at all. Google Assistant can give you weather reports. Today Weather can pull data for multiple cities and has a lot of detail. Weather Underground even has advice for your hobbies.

Windy Windy focuses on clear wind maps. Windy has plenty of details for weather enthusiasts. Want a weather app that looks great? Get YoWindow. Dark Sky has some powerful features, but they're not free. The Morecast interface is very intuitive. Thus, you should get a fairly consistent feed of news about stuff that you have shown interest in before.

It leans a little too hard on opinion blogs over genuine news sites and that's not great. Additionally, it may feed you news on stuff you looked up once on Google Search like six months ago on a whim. However, there are controls to see certain topics less often. It's perfunctory and it provides other features as well.

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That makes it a decent option, even if it's not a full news reader. Inoreader Price: Inoreader is one of the up and coming news apps. You get a news reader that you can customize to your tastes. It includes 28 pre-made topics for those who don't want to dig and find their own sources. The app features offline support, a decent selection of topics, and it'll track what you read. It's not as in-depth as something like Feedly. However, it's a good alternative for those who don't want to do as much work setting their feed up.

It's completely free to use. Pocket Price: Pocket is one of the more unique news apps. It doesn't offer content. However, it will save whatever content you happen to stumble across during your day. You'll no doubt find something on Twitter or Facebook or in a chat that you can't read right now.

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You can stuff that into Pocket and then come back to read it later. It has offline support, a decent reading experience, and some discovery features as well. Power users can sign up for the subscription. It offers unlimited storage, a tag system to help stay organized, text-to-speech article reading, and additional features for PC. We're halfway there! Here are some more recommendations that might help. Podcast and Radio Addict Price: Podcast and Radio addict is a good all-in-one solution for news apps. It is a combination of an RSS reader and a podcast app. It boasts a collection of , podcasts.

Additionally, you can subscribe to almost any news source that you like. The app supports podcast playlists, categorically organized news feeds, Chromecast support, and even support for YouTube and Twitch channels. There are better podcast apps and there are better RSS apps. However, nothing does a combination of the two better than this one. Reddit Price: Reddit bills itself as the front page of the Internet. That's at least mostly true. Most trending news items end up somewhere on Reddit. You can subscribe to subreddits that let you see various interests.

You can find a subreddit for virtually anything from fashion to tech, Android to iOS, and everything between. The official app is good enough at its job. It doesn't have many power user features. However, it nails the basic experience very well. The community can be a little vapid sometimes. However, overall, it's one of the better news apps and communities. The optional monthly subscription adds a few additional features and removes ads.

SmartNews Price: SmartNews is one of the newer news apps. It works like a lot of its competitors like News Republic, News, and other news readers. It basically looks at a ton of news sources and recommends top trending topics. Yes, it's one of those. The good part is that you get the news that everyone is talking about.

The bad news is that it isn't as configurable as we would like. Additionally, it leans on opinion blogs rather than news sites for a lot of topics and we didn't like that at all. It's good for some stuff, bad for others. However, that's about as good as it gets for news sites these days. Twitter Price: Twitter is arguably the best social media platform for news.

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It's one of only a few platforms that still show posts in chronological order. Thus, it'll show you what's happening right now. It has hashtags, trending topics, and some other discovery features. You simply follow the sources you like.

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Your feed will then show their latest posts. Some people on Twitter are really not great. It's also prime territory for click baiting and rage baiting. There are a ton of horrible people on Twitter that say some pretty awful things. However, those who can read between the lines can find the latest good stuff faster than most other places.