Windows mobile 6.5 cprog.exe error

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Use lineSetAppPriority to set my app to the top priority for handling incoming call. The call returns 0 means success but still the CProg will try to handle the incoming calls.

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Checked that the application name is correct as well. It works, when there's incoming call, the CProg will be hidden and my app is shown.

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However the button on my app couldn't be accessed as i think the focus or countrol is still with CProg. Tried using Focus on my app and still not working. Tried replace the CProg with an empty executable. After restart, my phone can't even access the radio network. Usually when booted up the device will prompt me for the SIM card's pin number, but this is not the case here. Tried calling in and operator's telling me can't reach the line.

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Just wondering is there anyone, at all, that has encountered this issue before and get over it? Thank you.

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Unzip the file downloaded in the previous step and copy the KeyMapperWM6. Use the device file explorer to browse to the folder where the cab file has been copied to and install it, tapping with the stylus on the file. Click here to download the Keymapper4. Unzip the file on the PC and copy the Keymapper4. On Dolphin 99EX, and copy this to the "Honeywell" folder of the device. Warm boot the device: Number of Views Number of Views 3. Number of Views 1.

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AFAIK there is no setting to just suppress the popup. Replacing cprog with a dummy app looks promising, as the user will not be making or receiving phone calls.

cprog.exe error occurs randomly

So why should you then replace cprog? I want to replace cprog in order to handle the SIM card missing error within our Kiosked app instead of having the phone message take over the entire screen.

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The SIM card should always be there, but if a user removes it, we want to contain the error within our application.