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With a Napster music subscription, you can think of a song a The service, which is a licensed version of the Napster service by Rhapsody, and which includes much of the same library, including 40 m During the Build conference today, Rhapsody released its Windows 8 App. Features include: Dive into a catalog of millions of songs Play full-length albums and top tracks Create playlists for any occasion Save all your favorites to The app is based around both streaming and downloads, bringing you unlimited music, on demand, to your games console.

At launch, Xbox Music exists in two different forms. What's new in Windows Phone 8? As for downloads, you can opt to pay for songs individually via the Xbox Music Store, saving them locally on your devices. Xbox Music is due to go live on the Xbox itself on 16 October. It uses a tile-based interface that allows you to search for and pick out whatever song you want to listen to and then stream. If you have used some of the other Xbox Live-based entertainment applications, then expect a very similar experience. Pick a track and start streaming - simple as that, really.

You get the same experience, or as close as possible, on tablet, phone and console. Naturally each one can create playlists and search through artists, everything you would expect from a proper music player.

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You can also share songs socially with friends on Facebook, which is pegged as coming soon by Microsoft. If you choose to download tracks rather than opt for the paid-for ad-free version, then those tracks are yours forever. This means that if you cancel your subscription, you can still listen to them without adverts and take them with you on your mobile or other music player. The mobile version will also cache songs you are streaming so that if you go out of an area with reception, you should still be able to keep on playing music. Xbox Halo 4 limited edition hands-on.

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You can start a playlist or mix from favourite artists, leaving Xbox Music to select songs for you to listen to based on your interests. Microsoft has also talked about an up and coming iTunes Match-style Cloud Drive-based syncing service. It should allow you to back up a current track library and listen to it anywhere. You might be surprised which ancient software you can still download in Read More.

We found that Napster is still, surprisingly, alive and kicking. The old Napster was once completely illegal; its ultimate demise was one of a handful of tech lawsuits that shaped the modern web 5 Incredible Tech Lawsuits That Shaped the Digital World 5 Incredible Tech Lawsuits That Shaped the Digital World Lawsuits play an important role in shaping the direction of technological developments, even in the world of software.

Here are a few cases that were so important, we're still feeling the effects today. However, the Napster that you can visit today is a completely different service, albeit with the same name. Confused yet? What made Napster stand out was its focus on MP3s; it was designed as a platform for users of any technical ability to share and find new music. Napster was insanely popular. At one point, over half of the traffic on some college campuses was going towards Napster MP3 usage. Napster kicked off another major change in the music industry, signalling the end of album-oriented music listening.

No longer did you have to buy an entire record or cassette to get some music from an artist; you could simply download any track you liked The Internet Music Guide for the Audiophile The Internet Music Guide for the Audiophile We have uncovered the biggest sites for music fans in several categories.

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Whether you want to buy an album, stream songs, discover new music, or just learn more, these sites have it all. Read More as a sampler. They and other artists started suing, and in mid, Napster closed its doors. Shortly after the service was forced to cease operations, Napster attempted to convert itself into a legal service but it failed to get off the ground. Once this question had surfaced, I started pondering on many other brand names and computer terms.

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Were the inventors of Apache native Americans? What has Read More was still valuable , and in Best Buy took it over. Earlier this year, Rhapsody confused everyone by killing off the long-running Rhapsody name and renaming itself Napster. Thus, in essence, the Napster of today and the Napster of yesteryear are two different services, though you can trace the evolution from the old one to the new one.

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You might be familiar with services like Pandora and Spotify, but now that you can stream music on-the-go Read More — so, how does it fare? The new Napster service obviously does away with the illegal dealings of its predecessor by charging money for access.

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There are two plans to choose from, which is not the case with most other streaming services Spotify dropped its mid-tier Unlimited plan several years ago. It gets you personalized radio with unlimited skips, high-quality streaming on desktop and mobile with no ads, and the ability to download up to 25 songs for offline listening.

Here are 9 services you can share to get the most for your money. Read More similar to other services. Napster offers a native Windows program as well as a Modern app Desktop vs. Windows Store Apps: Which Should You Download? Desktop vs. On Windows 10 and 8. We explore the differences between Desktop and Store The Windows desktop program, while functional, is less sleek than the web interface and features less images than the web, making it kind of boring.

Here's how to pin any site for instant access. Read More and use it just like a regular program. In the same way locations can be mapped out, so can music genres and artists, with one style feeding into the next, one band These are used to create playlists full of music you like right away, giving you something to listen to without having to search around. The service offers a lot to choose from right from the start. How do you keep track now? Read More and popular tracks.

Napster lets you listen to music in any way you like. You can search for an artist and pick out one of their albums or search by record label, unique to Napster , open a playlist created by another user, or make an on-the-fly mix using the Mixer.

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Exploring the web players for various Internet radio services to see which ones offer the best experience in the browser. What good is a great radio selection if the player is frustrating to use? Remove it.