Samsung galaxy s2 csc code for india

After changing the csc to xsg for the N The lock screen does not show up and the phone close when i hold the power button. Any thoughts abt that. If your phone is sim-locked, installing an unbranded firmware might complicate things.

Solved: Galaxy S8 Sim region lock - Samsung Community

Are you able to use other SIMs on your device? You did not get me yet. I said if you flash a firmware that is made for unbranded phones, you might face network connectivity and other issues. First get your phone unlocked and then think about installing other firmware. Changing CSC is not a solution for you. In that case, the best way is to install the latest builds manually via Odin. I do this to all my Galaxy devices. You can change it but in a round about way.

Having flashed a firmware, you can flash that CSC file from a desired firmware and thus change it.

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You will have to split the single firmware file with ,tar. But I will not recommend doing all those drill just for changing CSC! You will have to do it your self by using the SplitFus2 tool. Search for it. Hi, Since you question is not a question, there is no answer to it. Try the method given above to check if the Malaysia CSC is there, otherwise wait till a Malaysian firmware arrives.

When it is available, install it. This is how: When it will come It will be posted on the blog. It only denotes connectivity difference and a network carrier affiliation. If you flash the firmware for gt-i , the phone will still work. But since you are new, I will not recommend you to do anything like that. It was a Grand Duos. I fell weird as it has 2 EMEI no. Lost connection with KIES too.

Preconfig not found on your device. How can i change my csc to the country that i want? Any firmware has just a limited set of CSCs and you can change only what is available. Can you tell me what model of the Note KSA means Saudi Arabia, right! There is no possibility that your firmware will contain the CSC for Singapore.

Since the official 4. I think so, bought from ebay. My android version is still 4. My question that you told vchanging csc code how to change csc code in samsung tab 2 p Came to this page from a post about the jellybean update for the wi-fi version of the Samsung note I have tried manually changing the CSC code in the CSC changer app but it continues to advise the code must be 3 digits…. Odin resolutely refuses to recognise my note Okay, I have seen that.

The reason for your problem is that the firmware installed on your Note Install a multi-csc firmware. I have just updated the Firmware post with the full firmware which also contains the csc for your country that is UK.

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  • Download the firmware from here and flash it via Odin. For more info, Please read our privacy policy before submitting your comment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Read next: Related Posts. Jul 20, at 1: Sep 27, at 6: Jul 4, at Jul 4, at 6: Jul 9, at 7: Jul 9, at Hi Varun, You can get a carrier-branded device to use it for calling and using network data by other operators, but some settings and radio-bands still remain locked.

    Dec 26, at May 17, at 1: Hi Rakesh, Thanks for this super helpful guide. Apr 21, at 8: Mar 13, at 7: Why my samsung galaxy s advance show that my csc: Apr 5, at 3: May 27, at 4: Mar 2, at 5: Oct 10, at However whenever I try odin keeps giving me the same error message Added!! Enter CS for MD Check MD Do not unplug the cable.. Please wait.. Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully.. Leave CS.. Odin v. File analysis.. Get PIT for mapping.. Firmware update start.. Auth Complete Write operation failed. All threads completed. Dec 3, at 7: Nov 9, at Nov 5, at 9: This topic seems to be really interesting.

    Or should i Odin flash with the stock firmware of Swiss region? Nov 5, at 5: Nov 6, at 1: Nov 10, at 9: Apr 5, at 4: May 25, at 3: May 28, at 2: May 30, at 8: Jun 7, at 1: Nov 3, at 3: Nov 3, at 6: Nov 3, at Nov 3, at 1: It says Baseband version: Nov 4, at 7: Nov 13, at 5: Oct 24, at 1: Oct 24, at 4: Sep 26, at 7: Changing CSC will require root access. Sep 26, at 8: Sep 26, at 6: Thanks again!

    Sep 26, at 9: Jul 22, at 7: Jul 8, at 1: Jul 8, at 4: Just download the firmware from my link and install it. Jul 10, at 3: Jun 29, at 8: Apr 17, at Hello Sir, How to get out of this problem? Hello sir, How to get out of this problem? Please help!!! Apr 14, at 5: Mar 13, at 4: Mar 13, at 5: Dec 4, at 4: Dec 4, at 5: Nov 29, at 1: Nov 29, at 2: Have you installed CSC Changer app on the phone?

    Nov 20, at You lost your IMEI? What led to this mishap? Nov 20, at 1: Select the CSC for a country where you are right now. Nov 20, at 2: It means your current firmware does not support this code. Also give a try to the root method from above. Nov 20, at 3: Did you try installing any other firmware? No need to root to install an official firmware. Tell me where country do you live right now. Nov 19, at 1: Nov 9, at 5: Nov 9, at 6: I dont know! Nov 10, at 1: Nov 10, at 5: I would suggest you to try a data factory reset from recovery mode.

    Do you know how to do that? Nov 11, at 8: Nov 11, at 3: Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. Thread Search. Suggested Apps. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! Thanks Meter: By soralz , Senior Member on 28th June , Join Date: Jan I don't know why it doesnt work on yours.

    Thanks anyway for your post. But since I used kitchen procedure to customize rom I dont need csc changer anymore. Sent from my GT-i using xda app-developers app. Junior Member. Mar Senior Member. Oct Dec Thanks for wonderful work. Jason R. My Devices: Of course! Hello to everyone. I am not sure if Cambodia firmware supports Jio in Note 5. Ok it worked as specified. A post with detailed instructions like this just helps so much. Make sure of your model number. Another way to find is via the Samsung smart switch PC software.

    Download and install it in your PC and plug your phone to it. It displays your model number there. You may use a custom ROM for Jio to work. PlZ help! There is no Indian Firmware for it.

    Change CSC on Samsung Devices – Samsung CSC Codes

    Help me with other available countries' firmware. Which country's firmware would be best for India. There are a very few countries firmware available for your model and there is no Indian firmware. You can use whatever you are comfortable with. It actually doesn't matter. Which country should I choose to get voLTE working. And can I force flash Indian Firmware. You can try custom roms for your model. Whenever the phone is restarted, it asks for pin otherwise asks for fingerprint. It happens randomly, even for me too. Try the below steps.

    Remove the fingerprints and pin. Register again. If the above didn't work then do a factory reset. Plz tell me that, it will void my warranty or not. Hey can you please tell me what to do when my csc is INS already. Volte is also working but the problem is that bixby is not working and asking for update but device is updated already. Bixby will be officially released to the Samsung devices via OTA so wait until that.

    Installing Bixby apk doesn't work always. Have you done a factory reset after the flash? If yes then checkout with a working Jio sim of friends'. It could be network issue. Check if your model has an Indian firmware version. If yes then you can go ahead. But make sure that it works and try at your own risk. If something went wrong then you can restore to original state with Samsung Smart Switch app. Back up your data. Malaysian firmware is a multi CSC firmware.

    Follow the below steps to select the CSCs: It resets your phone 1. Your phone will automatically pop up a screen with some codes. They are the CSC codes 4. Select the one which you need 5. Now your phone will factory reset and restarts 6. This issue may be related with your google account. Make sure the credential is correct. If still it doesn't work then do a factory reset and try logging. Bro I have s8 dual Sim Gfd I want to change it to Indian firmware and csc bought from UAE I have flashed 2 times with Indian firmware but not changed even I was changed s7 edge same method through odin..

    But not s8 plz help me.

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    It show success its build number change But not change csc or service provider I want to change total firmware including csc Please try the below steps. Remove SIM Tray 2. Go to recovery and choose factory reset. This erases all data 3. Choose power off in the recovery 4. Insert sim tray with your Indian sim. Do this before the phone boots up. Power on the phone and if it goes to recovery again then choose restart to system.

    Please try this. I have a dubai phone on which I'm flashing the Indian firmware via Odin, do I have to check re partition or no? Still confused after reading the comments. Sorry if it's annoying to ask. There are few ways VoLTE can be checked and confirmed.

    For eg. VoLTE checker. Let me know if this helped. As I was going through your post Dt. July 29, at 7: Will Keep you posted, Thank you for your support. Now i want to use Samsung pay in India so want to know will the above steps work for me. There is no Indian firmware available for your model. You may try custom ROMs in which you can do tweaks for Samsung pay to work. It was purchased in Singapore.

    Will flashing with Indian Firmware enable the Volte for Jio? Please provide a link for Indian Firmware. Below is the link. Working like a charm..

    -HOW TO - Change CSC Code of SAMSUNG S8 / S8+ to INDIA - Disable BIXBY -

    Thank you, Guys.. I have a Samsung J5 purchased in Singapore. I wanted to flash with Indian firmware. Model no-SM-JG. But I cannot find any firmware for JG with Indian firmware. All I am getting JF. Flashing JF in your phone may brick it. You may try custom roms out there for your model. Could you please help me out on this. Is there any other way i can flash it and bring my volte option in my mobile network. Please advise. Thank you!! Hi Karthik. As you said there is no Indian firmware for your model. You can try Jio sim and see whether 4G data works.

    If yes, then you can use Jio4GVoice app to make and receive calls but you have to keep data ON 24 x 7. Thank you so much for your response. Even i went to the samsung customer care regarding this issue but they said volte option is not available for abroad phones.

    Also my samsung pay promotions are showing in dollars but my main concern is volte option here.

    [Q] Original CSC Code

    I would really appreciate if you could help me out on this. Thanks again!!

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    • Tuesday, April 18, This guide is only applicable for 4G Samsung phones purchased outside India. Before trying out this guide please make sure you have a 4G Samsung phone. This process will wipe your entire data on the phone. Check the model number of your Samsung phone. Go to the site https: Download the latest Indian firmware for your model. Click on the latest version and download the file. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Lakshman May 19, at 7: Andro May 21, at 6: Mayush Jain September 13, at Andro September 14, at 1: Mayush Jain September 14, at 1: Mayush Jain September 14, at 2: Mayush Jain September 14, at 4: Mayush Jain September 14, at 9: Andro September 14, at Mayush Jain September 15, at Mayush Jain September 16, at Andro September 16, at Mayush Jain September 16, at 1: Andro September 16, at 1: Mayush Jain September 16, at 2: Unknown January 2, at 1: Andro January 3, at 7: Aakash Sheth January 4, at 1: Andro January 4, at 8: Midhun C.

      N May 25, at Andro May 26, at 9: Shrenik Shah June 3, at 1: Andro June 3, at 6: Mayush Jain September 14, at 8: Unknown May 29, at 2: Andro May 30, at 7: Iqbal Ahmed June 29, at 3: SDP May 29, at 2: Shrenik Shah June 3, at 2: Andro June 3, at 3: Shrenik Shah June 3, at 7: Andro June 3, at 8: Unknown June 8, at 4: Andro June 8, at 4: Andro June 16, at Anonymous June 19, at 2: Andro June 19, at 5: