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Hi Chris, and thanks for all the info! I am a bit confused of what's the verdict of Google Navigator today, after the upgreats. Does it still provide a free, offline navigator with address location etc? Also, the vector maps that someone mentioned is a good thing to have. Does google maps support it? The new Google Maps provides stable offline support -- it's out of beta, it's easy to use, and it shouldn't automatically delete maps anymore. However, you can only navigate online -- you can see where you are on a map offline, but you can't plug in an address and get directions unless you're online.

That said -- you can get directions offline and use Google Maps after that. It will remember the directions and you'll be able to use it as a GPS en route to your destination. For my purposes, it's awesome. If you want offline address search and directions, you'll need another GPS app. Hi Chris, thanks for the list.

2. GEO-Tracker

It looks like OsmAnd is ticking all the boxes. I like Google Maps but it does not do points of interest or directions I think. Will try it out and look for some other alternatives as soon as my phone comes back from repair damn Sony with their ICS roll out. Otherwise I would have to carry loads of heavy: Google Maps has good offline support except for point of interest search -- however, you can go online to get directions and then use the directions offline.

If you're wandering around downtown Vancouver or somewhere like that, you can always stop by a coffee shop to get Wi-Fi and do a search. I bet paid GPS apps I've heard good things about Sygic will have better, more comprehensive offline point of interest databases. If I were you, I'd try OsmAnd and see how many points of interest it's aware of in your destination areas. I've never tried the TripAdvisor app, but it seems to have good reviews and TripAdvisor has been a great website, in my experience -- so I'd give it a tentative thumbs up.

Motorola xt It's actually solid now. OsmAnd, which I mentioned and linked to in the comments above, is also another good option. They should work, you have a recent enough version of Android -- the only way to know for sure is to try it out for yourself! It's basically useless because you can't use the navigation feature offline. You need a data connection in order to search for an address. If you can't search for an address, it makes navigation pretty useless! Kind of. Address search needs a data connection.

However, the point of interest database does not need a data connection. However, the point of interest database may be fairly incomplete depends on your location. Google just updated Maps for Android with offline navigation! Check it out: Nope, looks like there's still no offline navigation -- it's just improved offline support. Since no one else has mentioned it I'll recommend Locus https: There is either a built in shop or you can source your own.

Yes disk storage is cheap but mobile storage is not yet. Looks pretty good -- appears to have no search and no navigation though, so I think OsmAnd wins out. Honestly, if you're going to use a GPS app for navigation, it might be worth paying for one. The paid ones do seem significantly higher quality, from what I can see. The offline ones, that is -- Google navigation in Google Maps is great if you have a data connection. Copilot Live USA doesn't update their maps very often. My house is two years old, with the surrounding development being over three years old, and it doesn't display any of the streets in my area.

That's not unique to my area, though. I've seen a lot of other locales missing, too. Is it works on Xperia X10 mini? You should be able to click through to the links and Google Play itself will tell you whether each device is compatible.

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I just waited 45 min to get a lock. Fortunately I also have a Nokia which does the job in seconds and runs with no network connection like a dream Guess which ones getting the boot if an upgrade is not available soon! Sounds like a problem with your Android device or model, I think. It acquires in seconds on my device. Yup, they don't need an Internet connection, so they're particularly useful for devices without cellular data connections! Tablets, too. Hey, I was wondering if you could use the maps downloaded in Mapdroyd in Mapfree by just moving it into the right folder.

I thought because they both get their maps from the same site that they would likely be in the same format. This way you can download smaller sections of maps such as just Alberta and BC. I will try it and post back.

In Navfree? I'm not really sure, it's possible -- but it's also possible that each app has its own special format and you might have to name the files correctly. Depends how the developers did it. Let us know how it works for you! I just asked OsmAnd for offline driving directions from just outside of Vancouver to Kamloops -- a km journey. It worked fine! Took a little while to crunch the directions, though.

You won't be able to interchange map files. Which is really huge GB to be exact and you have to read the entire file to find something. In case anyone's reading these comments and looking for better apps, check OsmAnd out: I just discovered it. It looks new -- I don't think it existed when I wrote this post. It uses OpenStreetMap data, has directions, and a points of interest database.

Hm, I didn't notice that limitation because I don't need anywhere near that many maps. Thanks for chiming in! If you get the nightly from their site, you have just as much features as the paid version you're only missing the automatic updates through the Market. I would like to see a comparison Navfree-OsmAnd though.

As they both have access to the same data, it's really a battle on best features. Personally I preferred OsmAnd's interface -- interface may be more important than features for most people if both have the basic features down. Hey Chris, I installed navfree app on my galaxy nexus. Any idea what the problem might be? That's odd -- assuming the app is installed, you should be able to open it, tap the circular icon and then tap Upgrades to download maps.

If this doesn't work, I'm not sure what the problem is. I don't have a Galaxy Nexus to test this out, sadly. Hey Chris, I just checked the play store. There was one more version which was released few days after I downloaded the app. That is supporting the maps download. I dont understand why they do this. Not to support the just previous version!

I tested it out today morning. For a free app, this works amazing! No mention of OruxMaps? I've used it in the past and it was great! But my phone got stolen so I'm looking to see if it is still recommended or if there is something new and better BTW, I use it mostly to tag interesting spots to visit while on vacation in Europe. I save the maps with different "zoom levels" on the phone and import my travel KMZ files from Google Earth into the application.

I also use it as a "tracker" or "logger" to keep a trace of where I've been to georeference my pictures. Is that "Sygic" overkill for my use? Or can I just use on of the recommended apps from your article?

Top 10 Free GPS Tracker Apps for Android Phones

I've never come across OruxMaps before. It looks like you have to use a desktop app to get offline maps? I've never imported KMZ files or anything that fancy-- I don't know if these apps can actually do that. I just use it as a simple GPS map that shows me where I am occasionally. Sygic has a free trial, so the good news is you can play with all the options and see which you prefer. It does appear to have a Malaysia map. You'll need an Internet connection to download the map from within the app, but after that it works with no Internet or data connection required.

Unfortunately, it's only free for 7 days, and then it costs money. Still, if anyone's looking to shell out for a GPS app -- give Sygic a go. I haven't tried it, but it looks pretty good. It's another professional app by Garmin, which makes dedicated GPS units.

Hi there very cool web site!! I'll bookmark your website and take the feeds also? I am glad to search out so many helpful information right here in the post, we want work out extra techniques on this regard, thank you for sharing. Thanks for the recommendation. It seems a bit on the complicated side, but it does offer many more map types. Who says that? I prefer Waze over the ones listed. However it requires a data connection so I guess that disqualifies it. If anyone's interested in Waze, here's a link: If anyone's interested, here's a link: Top Deals.

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Wouldn't agree, I find they do not respond, even acknowledge map error reports. Furthermore, the latest version of Google Map allows to add stops and multi-way point. They left out this app. Its a good one for both android and apple users.. At the moment, I'd say OsmAnd is my favorite dedicated app. Online satnavs are two a penny mate? That said, it does have maps for Malaysia. Try the free version of Route It kick ass!

I'm not sure if OsmAnd is really optimized for cycling directions, from what I could Google up. I'm not sure if this is possible, sorry -- although I'm not familiar with the Momo 8 Bird. I believe Google's offline maps are vector maps. OsmAnd is good. Bear in mind that its point of interest database is incomplete, though. Have a good trip! Vancouver is a great city. Don't forget to try the new Google Maps offline feature, too! It seems to work better. That also looks like a pretty decent option!

Thanks for chiming in. What about other apps, like MapsWithMe? Ohhhh, but I love Co Pilot for Android. OsmAnd is free only for the first 16 map downloads. Well, free for the first 16 map downloads, but it's legal to circumvent this. They just ask you if you could buy the donate version to pay for their map servers.

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Anyways, thank you for the reply! What about sygic? Its free and a good offline gps app too. Sygic is awesome. I tried it and it blows everything here away.

10 best GPS app and navigation app options for Android

What about Navigon? Have you tried it? Better than Sygic? I use maps - for Android. It also stores cache in SD card and have multiple map sources https: Google Nav doesn't work offline anywhere, sadly. I tried Map - but wasn't impressed, perhaps it improved? I've heard great things about Waze, but it does require a data connection. Do any or all of these store the cache on the SD card if the app is on internal memory? I believe that MapDroyd and Navfree do! I don't think Google Maps does.

Looks pretty good -- too bad it's only for Portugal! Find My Device - Freeware Total download: Google Inc. TrailBehind Inc. Spyglass - Freeware Total download: Happymagenta UAB Language: Citymapper - Transit Navigation - Freeware Total download: Citymapper Limited Language: ParcelTrack - Freeware Total download: ParkMe Parking - Freeware Total download: Top 3 Wallpapers. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Latest games. Lord of the Rings Online.

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