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It may takes you seconds to upload MP3 files, wait patiently. Go to the "MP3 to M4R" ringtone section to set the range and clip duration.

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You can play the MP3 song to choose your favorite clips to convert. The converted iPhone ringtone here will be saved to your local folder on computer, and you need to use iTunes to add ringtone to iPhone.

Method 3. Though iTunes is the last way I explain for you to convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone, it is a necessity for you Apple fans. Launch iTunes. Please make sure that your iTunes is in the latest version. Select the MP3 song you want to convert. Right-clicking the song and select Get Info. Set the range and clip duration. Click the Option tab to set a start and a stop time, and then click OK. To have the best ascending lead-in, you are suggested to play your MP3 song first to find where exactly you want to start and stop before trim.

Please also remember the clip should not be longer than 40 sedonds. Create an AAC version. Right-click the song again and click on Create AAC Version, then you will immediately see a trimmed track. Step 5. Right-click the new track and choose "Show in Finder", and then you will the clip with a. Just rename. Step 6. Delete the AAC version.

How to Convert MP3 to an iPhone Ringtone

Go back to iTunes, right-click and delete the AAC version that you created in step 4. Then, click Delete Song and Keep File on the popups. Step 7. Add to Tones. Go back to Finder and double-click on your. Step 8. Transfer ringtone to iPhone. Now, sync M4R ringtones to your iPhone. Online ringtone maker is very convenient for you who occasionally convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone, but without iTunes, you can't transfer such M4R ringtone to iPhone. Now that you have to attach online ringtone maker to iTunes, why not just use iTunes to turn MP3 into iPhone ringtone?

Liven your iPhone with different M4R ringtones now. All Rights Reserved. If you want to set the M4R ringtone for your iPhone, then you had better set the duration time, volume and playback. Here, you just need to rename M4A to M4R manually. If you want to put the M4R ringtone on your iPhone, just plug your iPhone to computer.

So if you want to change a customized ringtone on your iPhone, you need to create an M4R file first. That is what we shall show you in the following description.

Method 1. Free Convert MP3 to M4R with WinX MediaTrans

Let's check its features:. Step 1 Download, install and run this program on your computer. Click "Add File" to import MP3 file to this software.

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Free Ringtone Maker is the free ringtone converter to convert video and audio to M4R. Step 1 Free download, install and open it on your computer. This program supports converting more than one MP3 files online to M4R. But you need to make sure your Internet connection is well, and the MP3 files are not private.

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Now let's follow the steps to convert MP3 to M4R. Step 2 Select "M4R" from "Convert files to: Step 3 Enter your email address which will receive your converted M4R files. If you want to put the converted M4R on your iPhone, then just visit: This post aims at showing you the ways to convert MP3 to M4R. Using iTunes or online M4R converter will be free to make the conversion.

But iTunes is a little complicated and online way will put risk on your private MP3 file and the converting speed comes to be limited. The third party software will give you the quickest way to convert MP3 to M4R. So the third-party solution to change MP3 to M4R will be more admirable.

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