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See All Buying Options. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. Saved me a hundred dollars at least because the magnetic back allowed it to stick to the car roof as I drove a hundred miles.

Iphone 5c Wallet Phone Case

I didn't have to get another phone, replace my credit cards, etc. Yes, I spaced it when filling up for gas and set it on the roof. I have my DL, a card, and gym pass in the front slots and a couple others in the inside opening. When I got home and saw it on the roof, Yeah!

iPhone 5 Wallet Case with Strap

Before this event I was a little critical, and still am the slots for cards are a bit tight they relax a bit with time , and, I believe there is a bit of a signal loss as a result of the magnetic backing. If it didn't feel slippery in my hand, I would have given it 5 stars.

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It feels like plastic to me. My last case was made with PU leather, and it was soft and easy to hold. This feels hard. Its broke in and not slick anymore. I actually love it. It is very convenient to have when you don't want to carry your wallet - but often the case gets in the way of the microphone so when someone calls you it is hard for them to understand what you are saying.

I don't carry a purse and when on vacation it holds my cell, glasses, lipstick, wallet and still room for more. It has different ways you can wear it too, just on your waist or over shoulder. Not bulky either. Only 11 left in stock - order soon. It's great in most ways, does everything as advertised. My only concern is that it gets dirty quickly, and the magnet is starting to be worn down. This thing is great!! This case is a cut above the rest as far as the make.

I have a few of these find of folding cases and have had others that have been cheaply made. This is made from PU Leather and is thick and sewn well. My friend had one of these different brand. I liked the red and it was so inexpensive I thought what the hell? I also like the feel of it better.

Iphone 5c Wallet Phone Case:

I wasn't interested in the inside pockets, Add to cart. Currently unavailable. My 16 year old daughter uses this to carry her driver's license. She doesn't like purses and likes knowing if she has her phone she's good to drive. I was impressed with the quality of the case. We recommend it. See All Buying Options. I bought this case for a trip to Washington DC as I tend to misplace my phone, but never my wallet. This phone case is made of really durable leather and the magnet is amazingly strong.

I only carry a few IDs and and three cards and this worked pretty well for me. However if you carry lots of cards or cash, the wallet may not close as well. Another really cool feature is that you can look at your phone in the folio without everyone seeing the wallet side. I've honestly stopped using the wallet and just kept using the case that came with it. This case is definitely worth the buy. I love the look and quality of this cover. The only negative was the time it took to get it; over a month! Note to self, never order from China. It takes way too long to receive. However, it was definitely worth the wait.

The color is more of a Tomato Had it for about a week and I really like it. The color is more of a Tomato Red than and Coral but I like that better. The case itself is secure and the phone strap has gone through a LOT of ware already. I love this case! The magnet is strong, the wallet holds a lot and the inner case still protects the phone very well. I examined it thoroughly and did not notice any flaws. I really like the material.

It is actually good quality and not easy to scratch. This case seems pretty durable and should stay nice looking for a good amount of time. It is soft and leather like, which makes it easy to grip. I love the color. It is a lovely lime green. Very bright and fun. The card slots are actually sewn in and not just slits in the fabric, so you can actually use the wallet part without the case quickly ripping and falling apart on you.

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  • iPhone 5 Wallet Case with Strap:

So many wallet cases in this price range are so flimsy. It is nice to get one that isn't for once!

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The phone fits Excellent quality excellent value, gives you the option to change the look of your phone. In Stock.

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The case is perfect except that the card slots are a little tight and we need to add some strength when inserting cards for the first time as product description shows, but card slots fits you cards better after first use. Add to cart. Stylish, functional and well made. As in all these wallet cases, you have to be vigilant about charging it, because the bottom pieces can block the plug in. Screen Protector Compatible iPhone 8 iPhone 7,[4. I like it, Its vinyl and does its job. It does what it's supposed to do, and it's a neat design. It protects the phone pretty well.

It's not difficult to put your phone into.