Samsung galaxy s2 gyroscope sensor

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Solid Performer. I never really noticed any freeze-up or lag while playing games or browsing. Speaker quality is definitely a drawback. This mobile is easy to review, it was the best smartphone to buy, real value for money back then. Despite its age, this one is still a solid performer on any given day. Please wait. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime vs. Samsung Galaxy J3 6 vs.

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That used to be the technique to reset the gyros. Zeina, Can I make another suggestion.

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Have you tried a spirit level app to see if your phone's gyros are actually working. Try this free app below: You can always delete it after testing it out. Thanks a lot for continuous and prompt replies,can't thank you enough,i am realizing i am literally illiterate when it comes to these software terminologies. If you are talking about android version i have 2.

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And no i haven't tried the figure of 8 action,will definitely give it a try although i am not sure how to do that. And thanks for the app suggestion,i downloaded it ,but i am not sure how to use it,the bubbles just move a bit when i hit calibrate and the number written along both tubes is zero. I am desperately trying any suggestion that i can before returning the phone,i am in the middle east and not sure if Samsung would treat me the same here lolz.

Try this youtube video which demonstrates the figure of 8 calibration method. Ignore the foreign soundtrack. You could install a free compass app from the market. With it installed, does it point North, and stay pointing north as you turn around. With the spirit level, does the bubble move when you tilt the phone up and down and twist? Your software version is more up to date than mine, but I don't think that's the problem.

Don't give up yet. Have a look at this: Thanks a million again.

Gyroscope Calibration Feature on Your Galaxy S III

I tried all of this,my compass needle is frozen,doesn't move at all stays in one direction no matter how much i move the phone and neither do the bubbles,i even did the factory reset but nothing,i think i am gonna go to Samsung,don't seem to have much choice. Zienia, I think you are right. I cannot help you any more. If you take the phone into Samsung you could demonstrate the compass needle and bubble trouble. Best of luck. Thanks a lot for your continuous support, sending this phone away is giving me physical pain but i know its for the best lolz.

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Any idea what their procedure is usually? Should they replace it or repair it? I just hour whatever they do they do it fast. Russell Ng Android Expert.

Gyro sensor calibration

In my Galaxy S2 I think that the accelerometer is not all right. The problem is with your phone Accelerometer not Gyroscopre. If it is not a hardware problem then Try Restart your phone. It automatically calibrates the screen and the gyro sensor. Make sure you keep the device on a flat surface and phone screen facing upwards when calibrating the sensor as it gives better results. Thank you for your interest in this question.