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Though you can easily use the Galaxy Tab Pro to watch movies and listen to music, Samsung would like you to consider using it for more serious tasks too, if only to justify the addition of "Pro" to the product's name. Indeed, the tablet ships with a slew of business-centric apps such as WebEx, e-Meeting, Hancom Viewer for editing documents and Remote PC, a feature that lets you remotely control your PC or Mac from your tablet.

If you just can't get enough Samsung apps, there's the Samsung App Store in addition to the usual Google Play storefront and, well, it's exactly what it sounds like. With a 2. And after spending some serious quality time with the tablet, I have to agree. Swiping and flipping around the tablet's various apps and screens felt gloriously smooth for the most part, and launching most software took mere seconds.

For example, in just under two seconds, I was able to launch the camera app and start taking photographs.

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Snapping pictures is practically instantaneous as well, which is great if you need to capture that perfect moment. I was especially impressed with how the Tab Pro fared during multitasking. I launched several apps using Samsung's Multi Window feature, with two taking up the entire screen and a few more pop-up windows hovering above. I did things like surf the web with Chrome, play YouTube videos, check email and chat with friends using Hangouts all at the same time.

And on the whole, I was able to do these tasks without serious issues. I even tried playing two or three videos simultaneously with YouTube, Chrome and the built-in video player , and to my surprise, the videos didn't stutter at all. That said, the more apps I launched, the more the performance started to lag; resizing windows and moving them around took a bit more patience than usual if you recall, the same thing happened when we tested the Note Pro Chrome also crashed once during my little multi-window experiment.

While I wouldn't recommend using Multi Window all the time, it's at least robust enough for occasional, lighter use. As for the device's speakers, I was pleasantly surprised by how loud and rich the stereo speakers sound.

To my non-audiophile ears, I didn't detect much tinniness, and found them perfectly acceptable for listening to tracks from Rdio and Spotify. I wouldn't replace your best Bluetooth speakers with them of course, but they'll do in a pinch. As you can see from the table above, the Galaxy Tab Pro 8. Its Vellamo score, meanwhile, though not the highest, was very respectable as well. In our standard battery test where we play a video on loop with 50 percent brightness while having notifications for email, Facebook and Twitter turned on, the Tab Pro lasted for seven hours and 13 minutes.

We admittedly didn't set the brightness as high as we should have with the 8. With moderate use -- by which I mean checking email, surfing the web and refreshing my Twitter feed -- the tablet easily lasted through a whole day. I left it mostly idle throughout the weekend, and the battery barely dipped below 50 percent. That said, the poor showing in our battery test is rather disappointing given the tablet's otherwise stellar performance.

Let me be clear: I would never advocate actually using a tablet to take photos. It just doesn't make sense, when a smartphone could do a better job. If all you had was the Galaxy Tab Pro 8. For most of my tests, though, I used Auto mode, just because that's what most consumers are likely to do. Even then, the rear 8-megapixel camera takes reasonably good shots -- my sample pictures looked crisp and colors appeared accurate and lifelike. As soon as you try to use the camera in low light, however, the quality drops considerably. In darker environments, images looked fuzzy and grainy, and I had to hold the tablet super still in order to get a shot that wasn't too blurry.

The LED flash didn't help matters either, as it often resulted in shots that were blown out. As for the 2-megapixel front-facing camera, it's alright for selfies and the occasional conference call, but I really wouldn't use it for anything else given the low resolution. Surprisingly, though, the Tab Pro records pretty decent p video.

It captures motion smoothly enough, and it records ambient sound quite clearly. When compared to the LG G Pad 8. Seeing as how the G Pad 8. Still, if we want to get nitpicky, the Tab Pro's ppi screen is sharper than the Kindle's ppi display, and its 2.

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It's comparable to the Tab Pro in almost every respect. The Tab Pro's ppi screen does edge the iPad's out by about 33 pixels per inch, but the iPad offers much longer battery life. As ever, your decision here will largely come down to which ecosystem you'd rather invest in. Despite my trepidations about the Galaxy Tab Pro 8. It has premium written all over it, from its crisp display and sleek exterior to a robust processor that more than keeps up with the tablet's multitasking capabilities. The downside, of course, is that it comes at a cost, with a price that's right up there with the Retina display iPad mini.

Further, its battery life is poor compared to the competition -- at the very least, there's a three- to four-hour difference between the Tab Pro and devices like the Retina display iPad mini and both of Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

Still, if you want a thin and light tablet with top-tier performance, the Galaxy Tab Pro 8. Just be prepared to plug it into an outlet more often than you might like. All products recommended by Engadget were selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company, Verizon Media.

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Latest in Engadget spotlight review. Image credit:. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8. Hardware I didn't think that extra 0. Weight Galaxy Tab Pro 8. An acceptable result is only achieved in the other two tests. For example, the Galaxy Note The hurdle in this section should not be underestimated.

The quad-core usually accomplished this task, but the Galaxy Tab Pro 8. The " GTA " test recording opened easily, and a delight for the eyes set in immediately. The tests of current 3D games are not really a challenge when this hurdle has been successfully taken. The iPad Mini Retina exhibited similar rates, but only when the processor was not loaded. The iPad 's temperature of More power and lower temperatures - Samsung has done its homework.

The temperature dropped to Those are absolute top rates that we do not even get to see in inch devices Galaxy Tab The modular power supply's maximum load temperature is just as delightful. Both speakers on the lower edge do a solid job. Of course, miracles should not be expected, but the overall outcome is acceptable. The maximum volume is sufficiently high, though the user should avoid using the maximum level.

The speakers overdrive and the sound starts to get unpleasant in this range. The tide turns as soon as the CPU cores are maxed out. The review sample quickly guzzles between 8. We will see whether and to what extent this difference affects the battery runtime in the next section. As the prior section indicated, the review sample has a high power consumption during load.

To be honest, we actually expected a shorter runtime here because the screen is very bright, and the measured power consumption is relatively high. Samsung has been following the strategy of launching many models on the market to satisfy every customer for some time. The performance is impressive because it has enough power to easily deal with all applications from the Android World. It is marginally brighter than the iPad Mini Retina, has a higher resolution and a very homogeneous illumination.

We like the overall concept of the 8. No major drawbacks are found in the Tab Pro 8. Thus, this part is left empty. A very good screen brightness, homogeneous illumination, and razor-sharp resolution - what more could you want? The marginally smaller iPad Mini Retina from Apple is likely the biggest contender.

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The now available Windows 8 tablets based on the bit architecture, such as Dell's Venue 8 Pro or the recently tested Lenovo Thinkpad 8 tablet , are becoming just as interesting. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Please, switch off ad blockers. Review Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8. Like all Samsung devices, the casing is plastic.

The micro-SD slot is on the left, and The infrared port, power button, and volume rocker are on the right, and Software Up-to-date tablet, up-to-date software. The GPS reception is very accurate even indoors. Galaxy Tab Pro 8. Garmin Edge Reference camera: There is enough room on the screen in portrait mode. That is X-Rite i1Pro 2. CalMAN Grayscale. The screen is extremely reflective. A matte screen protector can help. Viewing angles: Samsung Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro Browsermark - sort by value Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.

Power Supply max. Energy Management.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 review

Voltcraft VC Battery Runtime. Jack of all trades: In Review: Review sample courtesy of Cyberport. Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM Qualcomm Adreno Samsung homepage Samsung notebook section. With the Galaxy Tab Pro 8. The resolution has been increased to x pixels, and It has a per-core clock rate of 2. There is enough power, and the screen is The brightness is sufficiently high, the contrast is acceptable, and This tablet is not invulnerable to reflections.

The casing is of course plastic, and The back resembles the Note range, and its fake-leather looks. The battery naturally cannot be swapped on the fly, The home screen looks a lot like other current KitKat models from Samsung. The home screen's arrangement is also In addition to the downloaded apps, there is a lot of bloatware. The system reserves almost 4 GB of memory. The battery is fairly long-lasting, and also quickly recharged.

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Android 4. The path for a smash hit has been laid because the Tab Pro 8. Similar Devices.

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