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Printing these SMS messages off is a way to leave an evidence of your husband's or wife's cheating, or you can permanently retain the treasures contained in these SMS messages. Therefore, printing text messages from Android can backup your valuable information in case they have been deleted or lost some day. To print text message conversations from your Android phone, you need to perform 2 steps: Fone for Android Step 2: Print the Exported Android Text Messages. Set up Google Cloud Print Step 2: Step 1: Fone for Android.

To export your texts from Android phone and then print them out, you can try to use Coolmuster Android Assistant for all Windows OS or Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac , which is a trustworthy and risk-free program to help you extract text messages and other file types like videos, music, audio files, contacts, call history, etc.

It highly improves the efficiency of Android data management on computer. Download the Windows version of the software and install it on your PC. Connect your Android phone to the PC and run the installed software. The software scan for your Android internal storage automatically and you can see all file types on your Android phone are displayed on the left. Fone for Android for all Windows versions or Coolmuster Lab. Fone for Android Mac.

It is professional in recovering lost and deleted files, such as text messages, contacts, photos, videos, music, etc. Please note that it is also able to scan and show the exiting text messages on your Android phone, so that you can export them to your computer for printing.

All detectable file types are displayed on the left, where you should choose "Messages" category;. All lost and existing text messages are displayed on the right. Existing ones are listed in black color;. Preview and select the text messages you want to print and click "Recover" button to save them on your computer. All the Android text messages that have been exported via the two methods above are all saved in CSV file format, which is located in computer desktop and named Messaging. CSV file. Double-click to open the Messaging.

CSV file in the Microsoft Excel. Otherwise, you need to use another tool to view and print the CSV file. You can adjust the cells of the spreadsheet as needed in order to achieve your ideal content display effect.

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Click File from the top menu and click Print from the left pane of the window. After all the above operations, you can click Print button now. You can also have a chance now to adjust the printing as you like. People Also Read: Another way to print out your iPhone text messages is by taking screenshots of each text message screen on your device.

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Pros and cons of using the screenshot method include:. There are several popular programs available for saving text messages from an Android device to your computer Some are free and some can be purchased for a fee in the Google Play Store. The program stores texts in your Gmail account and lets you access them from any web browser. To take a screenshot of any Android device is fairy simple, however the commands are different depending on your specific device. Whether your device is an iPhone or an Android, we hope these tips for preserving and saving your text messages for court or a legal issue have been helpful.

Remember to back up your mobile data on a regular basis so that all your important information is safe and secure. Also, when gathering text message documentation as evidence, consult with a lawyer in your local area if you have any questions or concerns. We see a few questions about documenting text messages for non-smart phones in the comments section. Definitely leave us a comment or contact us via email if you're interested in this, so we can follow up with you!

Are the photos showing up within the Decipher TextMessage program itself? It may help to troubleshoot this via email - can you contact us through our web form here? Hopefully that might help! I want to download the text messages between my client and a third party as opposed to having screenshots. However, when I try to use this software it is asking me to use my iCloud and I do not want my client's phone added to my iCloud.

Is there a different way to go about this? To use the software you only need to make a local iTunes backup of your iPhone on your computer. If you have any further questions, just contact us via our support page and we'll be happy to help! You can do either. You can export the entire message thread for that contact or if you want to narrow it down, you can choose the "export by date" option which lets narrow down the export of messages to just one day if you prefer.

I mean, sure I can grab all the mesages from the past As you run Decipher TextMessage later and it reads new information for the same iPhone from new backups, it will append those new messages to a running history for the device. I hope that answers your question!

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  • Documenting Text Messages for Trial or Legal Matters.

Is this possible? Hi C'est - you can definitely adjust the font size within DTM, or export the conversation and adjust the zoom level in the print settings! For the columns I am actually adding a 2-column option and we can discuss 3 columns for the next update and we can send you a version to preview. What if I back up my iPhone on my iCloud account. Can Decipher recover texts from an iCloud back-up?

2 Methods to Print out Text Message Conversation from Android Phone

We're working on support for reading messages from iCloud backups, but Decipher TextMessage currently doesn't support it. However, you can back up your iPhone in iTunes manually and it won't affect your iCloud backup settings. We replied to your email with help. You would need to back up your iPhone as we recommend in our FAQ. What about large Facebook messenger app discussions? Can we save those including pictures and timestamps? I am looking into this Tania! If you want to send us an email so we can followup with you if we have something to test, you can do so here: Or I will try to remember to comment here also.

Thanks for the suggestion! Hi Bradley, we've had many users of Decipher TextMessage write us after their court appearances expressing gratitude since the messages they exported and printed with the software were admissible for their case. However, it's definitely up to the specific court and states as to what documentation is acceptable or not. Usually someone's lawyer can give them more detailed guidance on that front regarding their state or county. One feature of the software that many users seem to appreciate for court related matters is the Decipher TextMessage preference that displays the contact info on every single text message, sent and received.

This is a feature which many lawyers ask their clients for and one that is not offered by the iPhone messages app itself.

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I have walmart mobile and they only show the numbers not the full text messages. Printing the text messages is different for all of the different kind of devices, and I know Walmart has a few different plans including bring your own device. Let us know and we'll try to help as best we can. Every app I use for this purpose, including SMS backup, only allows you to see texts received I need the whole conversation - Can anyone help?

Decipher Tools. Decipher Backup Repair Fix broken backups that won't restore in iTunes. Decipher Backup Browser Export photos, notes, contacts, voice memos, or any file from your iPhone backup. Decipher Phone Refresh Clean an iPhone backup to start fresh only restoring what you want. Decipher VoiceMail Save and export your iPhone voicemail history. Decipher Chat Save and print WhatsApp messages, including attachments. What is the best way to document and print out my messages for a court case or legal proceeding?

For most legal matters the following details should be visible in your text message documentation: The date and time of the messages. The real contact information for the other party or parties in the text message conversation. For SMS this is a phone number. For MMS or iMessages, this is either a phone number or an email address.

Features include: The software has a free trial so you can try it out without spending any money. Depending on the formatting your jurisdiction requires for text message transcripts, you may need to show the iPhone contact information on every individual message.

How to Print Text Messages from Android Phone? Best 4 Ways for You!

Decipher TextMessage allows you to print your text messages with the contact information on each message, or to turn that option off if you prefer. Decipher TextMessage presents your iPhone text messages and iMessages in a similar format as seen on the iPhone. Here are links to specific instructions about printing iPhone text messages and exporting iPhone text messages to a PDF file. The software saves your text messages locally on your computer.