Doors game windows phone level 18

Use the 24 hour-clock method so if the clock is on at Level 56 — Press the first one twice. The V and X are indeed roman numerals.

The code is 6 75 14 65 rotate in the right order and try to be bang on.. Level 58 — Basically when the red dot hits or gets near to each light, shake the phone, the first light should light up green.. Level 59 — As the code device is numbers so are the colours. The top colour bar represents the order in which the should be inputted. The code is Level 61 — The code varies, The tick means, the number is correct, the cross means its wrong, the plus means its the next number up.

Start by pressing test.

Escape The Doors Level 18 Walkthrough

If all are crosses, start by getting a tick on the first digit then the others. Level 62 — The puzzle changes, You have to rearrange them in the right order. Light it and look for the code on the wall near the top. Level 64 — This ones difficult to explain. Theres 5 levels. If you make a mistake, press the refresh button top left not the cross!

Level 1: Drag both to the top and then to the right. Level 2: Drag to the top, then to the right, to the end and down to the bottom to fit the tile, then you can move to the right to complete the last tile.

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Level 3: Finally drag both down. Level 4: Drag the left tile to its point but drag it one lower down. The circular tile should now be on the right side at the opening between the solid blocks so drag it left to its respective symbol, then drag both upwards. Level 5: Drag the top tile to the end then down three times so one before reaching the symbol.

Level The code wont work sum of the numbers so pick up the UV light and light it above the door, you see a sum, however it will be wrong, but if you flip your phone upside down, the sum will work, i. So take this as a hint that the sum of the two numbers upside down should be the answer..

Hope it helps! Slide the numbers to arrange in the correct order. Simple strategy of using the vertical slits to switch the numbers. We also can see the two arrows by the 67 when shining the UV light, which means there is a number greater and a number lesser than In chess the knight moves 3 along and one up L shape. Follow in the numbered order: The idea is to light the floor tiles in order from 1 to Here are the numbers that can be found on the floor using the UV Light.

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The 1UP. In general, sparse traffic, wide-open roads, and poor AI led to complaints about extremely low difficulty, however, one reviewer commented on how this may have been a marketing ploy to target a wider audience. The reception to the live-action cutscenes was almost universally negative, with many critics noting that the videos were poorly acted and lacked purpose.

Chase Linh will tell you [what] you need to do to get on the inside of a racing group in order to get dirt on them, and then after a race she'll say 'We have enough, let's move in.


How did that help at all? Undercover has sold 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. November 18, AU: November 20, EU: November 21, Video games portal. Need for Speed Undercover Tech Info". Retrieved Need For speed Undercover". We were torturing Vancouver studio". Retrieved 13 April Need for Speed Undercover - XBox ". December 1, Archived from the original on PlayStation 3.

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Electronic Arts. To find the solution for open the door and goto the next level of game. How to Play: Open to door to use your brain. Shake, swipe, flip your phone, and solve puzzles.

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  • Escape The Doors Level 18 Walkthrough!

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Available on Mobile device. People also like. Brain-Training Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Hidden Objects: